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OPQC's News

Posted by OPQC - July 26th, 2010

It seems the program is lacking on the Protools LE and that's annoying me hella lot...
Getting Logic pro 8 now to get a program what's kinda good at midi composing. I hope Ministry of rock will go good at that time then.

as you can hear, that ''failure on ministry of rock'' submission is the result i hear on protools overall.
lacking hella lot.

but i think i'm making an another new account for INSTRUMENTAL stuff.

About ministry of rock...

Posted by OPQC - July 12th, 2010

right. some people may think i've not created my own trance songs... so i've now recorded one of them at playing on program, to prove i'm making them myself.

also, i made up a new account for those songs... i'm not telling that, because of my zerobombing followers.

/* */

Posted by OPQC - June 6th, 2010

Yep. I've got used to the nice look of the mac. So. I really did kinda hate the XP's look :b
So i tuned it a bit. For fun.

tuned up my bootcamped XP a bit...

Posted by OPQC - May 25th, 2010

i just got my headphones screwed. i was just testing what kinda HUGE bass would make some effect to the headphones i have. I made a sub bass with Massive, and putted the volume to the max.

AFTER it, the headphones did just a crackling sound. i tried to plug it in again many times, same thing to the interface, rebooted, nothing. still cracking.

but i found a pair of headphones when i was looking around at my wardrobe.
I say these are better than those other ones... much better quality on sound, and more comfortable.

See the pic below :b

ps: my dog died to epilepsy today :(


Posted by OPQC - May 2nd, 2010

what's up?

Posted by OPQC - April 5th, 2010

I'm close to get it... the only problem yet is the money: i got nothing anymore. i need about 312 euros to get it... and i have something to pay yet (komplete 6).

but... when i have the money, i'll get it (yeeey).
so, let's make trancestuff at this time, because i cant do anything else :b

Posted by OPQC - April 1st, 2010

oookay i'm pretty furstrated with these texts by the bay. it says kevin bacon instead of M E word...

Posted by OPQC - March 20th, 2010

i hope someone does, i'm close to end up with ideas and i'd like to make a collab for a long time...
anyone wanna collab?

Posted by OPQC - March 15th, 2010

Allright, i decided to try out the Bootcamp and pu the XP on my mac for 20 gigs, because the mac has the lack of the operating system, when so many things aren't made to a mac too. I opened the Boot Camp assistant application, and ran it to make the own space on hardware for XP.
Then there appeared a message saying i have to make a backup for my mac (130 gigabytes to COPY!) and have to change the another backup hardware to a Mac OSX taltio.
Right, when i got one from my dad (it had space for 250 gigs, i was in luck), i just plugged in the USB thingy and started to make a backup from my mac. It took like a one night to do that.
When it was done, i changed the thing to a Mac OSX taltio with the Disk Utility thingy with the MacOSX installing disk... then i was shocked and like jizz'd in my pants: i changed the MAC'S HARDWARE to a backup disk! I didn't even can't start the mac because i hadn't any kinda of starting hardware. That means there's NO WAY to fix that problem.
...but i knew a way:
Thanks for the backups, i got the Mac revived back to live in like 2 whole days (49 hours or so!).
I'm happy there's everything at normal again, the mac just made a little trip at different hardwares... I'm amazed it did even update the system by itself, my mac doesn't crash anymore when i open 18 same programs at same time (i mean the big ones: Protools, Native Instruments at standalone...).
But the BEST part was that... the Bootcamp did work at this time!!! Now just let's put the XP installation disk to the superdrive and let's do it to the finish...

I'm happy I didn't kill my 1500$ system :D

I almost killed my mac!

Posted by OPQC - March 9th, 2010

everything is so FUUUUUN!!!!

i'm... happy.