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Random piano Classical Loop
Metal test (ministry of rock) Heavy Metal Loop
failure with ministry of rock General Rock Song
rock/metal test General Rock Loop
It's time... Techno Loop
-Memories- Classical Song
the Remorse WIP Classic Rock Loop
Equipment test (for e-guitars) General Rock Song
30min electrical song... Techno Loop
OPQC - Lightwaves Trance Loop
random piano composing... Miscellaneous Song
Raver's visit Techno Song
a Rock messup General Rock Loop
made to kill (rmx WIP) General Rock Song
[MF] Exterminated Heavy Metal Song
Mystical blacktrance Trance Loop
Looking at my face WIP Trance Song
your life and mine rmx loop Techno Loop
Skies of Glory remixed (WIP) Trance Song
Little loop v1 Techno Loop
[MF] Forgiven wip Heavy Metal Song
[MF] Forsaken Rage (full) Heavy Metal Song
Forsaken Rage (metal) Heavy Metal Loop
Blackdrop (metal) Heavy Metal Loop
Compilation of energy Techno Loop
Short metal-loop Heavy Metal Loop
--Declare FULL General Rock Song
--Decalre-- General Rock Song
Homecoming WIP Ambient Song
.:-Skydawn-:. General Rock Song
Deep horror Ambient Loop
my heart will go on REMIX ^.^ Trance Loop
-Grinder- General Rock Song
Taker General Rock Song
Ironical (light metal) General Rock Song
Gloryness Ambient Loop
the Ruins of the World Ambient Song
X Fatal Error X Miscellaneous Song
Trance loop of speedness Trance Loop
-Alive- Miscellaneous Song
Last time's guitars Miscellaneous Song
Shadow night (metal) Heavy Metal Song
Lightdrop General Rock Song
Trapped souls Heavy Metal Song
Metal Ashes Heavy Metal Song
Slaying Darkness Heavy Metal Song
the Metal edge Heavy Metal Song
Equipment test (metal) Heavy Metal Loop
OPQC - No More Drum N Bass Loop
A soaring spirit re-remix Classic Rock Song
Above from the destiny (rock) General Rock Loop
OPQC - Neon City Techno Song
OPQC - 69 now Techno Song
a Water drop Ambient Loop
[QD] Gladiator Trance Song
[QD] Future Trance Song
[QD] Quarter Techno Song
[QD] Tekeno Techno Song
[QD] Escape Techno Loop
[QD] Broken feeling Miscellaneous Song
[QD] Qualbass Techno Song
[QD] World Trance Song
[QD] Dark house Miscellaneous Song
[QD] Phone made music Techno Loop
[QD] -complete- Trance Song
<Dark Power> Techno Song
[QD] .:Go:. Techno Song
[QD] Dj_Cargo Rmx Techno Song
[QD] Comback Ambient Song
Ultimate Riffs General Rock Song
OPQC's drumz Classical Song
.:Chase:. Drum N Bass Song
Do the Run Trance Song
Rising life Trance Song
Forward. Trance Song
Dance forever. Trance Song
Diffrence Trance Song
.:Life:. Trance Song
the Anti hero (Trance) Trance Loop
EP rock General Rock Song
Lonelines gone bad Miscellaneous Song
Lonelines gone bad WIP Miscellaneous Loop
Airy trance Trance Song
Ensues of the Darkness Industrial Song
Ensues of the darkness WIP Industrial Song
the Anti hero (strings) Industrial Song
Anti hero (opqc rmx) WIP Industrial Song
Vsit in the Goodness Industrial Song
Visit in the Goodness Industrial Song
Hope for life Industrial Song
only an acoustic guitar?!?! New Wave Loop
Clubbed to death OPQC version Industrial Loop
random ambient. Ambient Song
$|-|!tty loop... Heavy Metal Loop
a Soaring spirit... metalized! General Rock Song
Unites of the bullets General Rock Song
annoyness New Wave Song
Platin goes dark New Wave Song
Highers General Rock Song
highers (unfinished) General Rock Song
Riffin' (rock...) General Rock Loop
Leaving the skies (longer) Ambient Song
Chase the rage General Rock Song
a mistake of the survive General Rock Song
Equiment test (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Reach the Rock General Rock Song
Discover your blood Heavy Metal Song
Piano of the Darkness General Rock Song
Into the Wave Trance Song
Leading to Glory safe Trance Song
Non-Human 2 General Rock Song
Tha Rock loop General Rock Loop
Trance from Peace Trance Song
Leaving the skies Ambient Song
Never play with fire General Rock Song
a Space loop Miscellaneous Loop
the dark bass Trance Song
Under the Pressure General Rock Song
Non-Human Rmx General Rock Song
.Rage. Heavy Metal Song
Ember General Rock Song
Day General Rock Song
-Bullet- Heavy Metal Song
Hope of misery Classic Rock Song
The ruins New Wave Song
Xarnor & OPQC - Darkness Heavy Metal Song
Darkness (unfinished) Heavy Metal Loop
A soaring spirit better remix Classic Rock Song
Defence General Rock Loop
A soaring spirit my remix Ambient Loop
Agressive Battle Full song General Rock Song
*intermission* my remix Classic Rock Loop
Death number One Heavy Metal Song
Dead end of death General Rock Song
Way to Hell General Rock Song
Regen General Rock Song
Road of the dead General Rock Song
Time (rmx) General Rock Song
Goalie (loop, and end fixed) General Rock Loop
Old fusion General Rock Song
Arrive General Rock Song
Deep fall General Rock Song
Half dead General Rock Song
Midnight's Revenge Heavy Metal Song
Dawned Trance Song
Change Techno Song