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oh, thank god.

Finally i saw this coming.

great, as always!

I just love Madness, the handy action what makes it look pretty complicated in some way, but it's fun to watch. Also i like the new weapons there, like the HE-gernade launcher and that... gun... umm... what it's actually? Bren LMG? It looks the same.
The clothing scene was pretty fun also. When i see Madness guys upgrading stuff to themselves, it's fun to watch the smooth animation of everything.
I really would think this art of Madness takes ages to make it finished... 9542 frames is pretty much, and i can just imagine the time for it (by remembering the complicated animation, many things to do at same time).
Simply, this is amazing! Keep it up man.
Also remember to do the next episode, I/we want to know what's up with hank at next. Just keep up the hard work!



wow man

NOW there's use for the area what police made up...
haha, like a ''murder'' by no one. that's pretty nice :b

good you didn't show the guy drop down to ground, it made the thing to think and say some ''answers'' from nowhere.

i really did like this one!
short, but great.

Pinecones36 responds:

haha I'm not sure if you got the exact point but hey i'm glad you liked it :) Thanks for the good rating!

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cmoon man

I know you have put a lot of work on this one, but 19 bucks is just simply too much for a 'horror' flash game what's not really even scary. the previous episodes were great, that REAL exmortis feeling going on.
And my suggestion is to lower the price to around 6 bucks or so. You see not many are buying it because of the price: i would move that money to other stuff.

But the game ITSELF isn't that bad, it's not just that what we all expect and wanted.



it was GREAT! i have played the first one alot before, and now i'm happy with this one :D completed it in about 6 hours (because of a brake).

but it was kinda too easy though.

i like the new stuff there and gameplay... with medals! i'm playing this so far untill i get the medals.

great game!

wow nice

Tactics: A
Compassion: A


i survived the day but... i really hadn't any choices to take the medicine. i really ran out of time at that section :(

awesome storyline, i just hope there's coming more.
i'm gonna play this again...

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this is freaking awesome. how you could give your songs here to download them for free?

I got the 'ministry of rock' program too what you use here, but is still can't make this good stuff with it.

haha nice!

this is a big improvement from that what I've heard from you for a while!
at this moment it seems to be pretty empty, kinda dull... just add something more in there, it sounds good so far!

just keep it up man!

Coda9 responds:

Thanks! this is still kind of demoy but I was thinking of adding some sort of melody thing or something haha

nice one!

i think i'm gonna remix this one... oh, i got something already :b

nice job!

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lol cmoon

this is weird.
also this kebin bacon thingy is pretty annoyning after all...
it says Kevin bacon when you write

pretty weird.

okay and here it starts

we are kinda ''collabing'' these comics by making own jokes, on our own humor, not taking ideas from the others.
so.... enjoy everyone. i think we make a tiny change with the detailing... that's too pixeled i think :P
and umm... comments welcome everyone!
and check out my profile for great music xD i'm not so featured but i'm very good as others say. :P

very nice

i like the lighteffects, they're not so bad as i have seen on others.... but you got lucky and there's enough of them. i hate overusing something.
but i see how you did the backgrounds so simple, but so good! it fit's with the character almost perfectly, but something only seems to be a little annoyning within the character when comparing... something disfit's with it.

overall the pic is simple, but very nice. i like pics like that.... simple and great.

just keep up the working! you're very nice!

OH MY GOD this balloon is so... cool...

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